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All About Annuals

Planted after the last chance of spring frost, annuals are celebrated for their ability to bloom non-stop throughout the growing season, thus providing the gardener with immediate satisfaction and continuous color until autumn.

Gardening with annuals:

Available beginning late March, these are plants that typically live one year or less. With powerful bloom power, we love annuals for hanging baskets, container gardening and border gardens. Shop the highest quality annuals in store, from 804 packs to 14" pots this Spring season.

now in bloom

Fall foliage & flowers

Have arrived! Create a swoon-worthy front porch with fountain grasses, ornamental peppers, aster & more.

autumn season savings
Save on Mums:
#4.5 Mum - $4.90/ea or $1.95/ea for 8+

#6 Mum - $6.00/ea or $2.63/ea for 6+

#9 Mum - $9.90/ea or $4.45/ea for 3+

#12 Mum - $29.90/ea or $13.95/ea for 2+

#14 Mum - $39.90/ea or $18.95/ea for 2+
autumn season savings
Save on Tri-Color Mums:
10” HB - $24.90/each or $11.45/ea for 2+

9” Mum - $11.50/each or $5.25/ea for 3+

12” Mum - $34.90/each or $16.45/ea for 2+

14” Mum - $44.90/each or $21.45/ea for 2+

Fall Essentials Are Here:

Ornamental Peppers

These trailing beauties look perfect in a planter with mums, celosia & grasses!

4.5” Pot - $2.5/ea or $2.13/ea on 8+

6” Pot - $3.95/ea or $3.45/ea on 6+

8” Pot - $5.95/ea or $4.95/ea on 3+


Available in magenta, hot pink & orange, celosia adds both height & color to your fall landscape.

4.5” Pot - $2.88/ea or $2.38/ea on 8+

9” Pot - $9.45/ea or $8.45/ea on 3+

Ornamental Grasses

Fill a planter with these stunning red grasses alone or add as the centerpiece in combination with mums, peppers, cone flower & celosia.

9" Pot - $8.45/each

Cabbage & Kale

Incredibly resilent when it comes to temperature, we love to add cabbage & kale to our planters and landscapes for long-lasting color.

Available in 4.5", 6" and 9" pots.


Add a splash of color with striking rudbeckia. Plant in combination with white mums, orange ornamental peppers and millet for a class autumn look.

9" pot - $9.45/each


Add height to your fall vingnette with millet. The tall brown stalks look great atop a straw bale and flanked with decorative pumpkins & mums.

9" pot - $5.95/ea or $4.95/ea on 3+


From classic carving pumpkins to colorful novelty pumpkins, we have what you need for fall decor!

Buy 3+ and save $0.5 each.

Corn Stalks & Straw Bales

Complete your fall porch look with straw bales & corn stalks.

Corn Stalks - $3.5/bundle or $3/ea when you buy 2+

Buy 2+ on straw bales & save!

planting tips

For container gardens:

Sun or shade? Group together annuals with the same sun tolerance. Next, gather 3 or more annuals that fit into the below categories:

- Thriller: the eye-catching plant that provides height and drama
- Filler:
your favorite bushy, mounded, flowering or foliage plants.
- Spiller:
a trailing plant that softens the container’s edge